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Dovecot Cottage

We worked with Cotswold Meadows for more than a year on a project that completely re-imagined the garden space around our 400 year old thatched cottage.
Throughout the project, their professionalism and the quality of their work have surpassed not only that of any other landscaping firm we have worked with in the past, but it has exceeded that of any tradesmen we have worked with on our homes here or in the U.S.

The Dovecot, Ebrington Graphic_Flat.jpg

The project we engaged Cotswold Meadows to perform was fairly complex. In essence, they were required to reshape the earth surrounding our home and guest cottage, and to create a mixed-use area consisting of areas for outdoor dining and entertainment, beds, lawns and pathways. This required extensive paving, building two retaining walls and re-facing a third, building two sets of stairs, and putting up two wood fences. All of this had to be done in a manner sympathetic to its setting beside our Cotswold-stone cottage, while still delivering modern convenience, usability, and durability. And the site location didn’t make the job easy for them – we have no street access, so obtaining access for heavy materials depended entirely on the goodwill of our neighbours. Keeping the neighbours happy was thus a vital component of the job.

Dovecot Cottage_Before shot2.jpg
Dovecot Cottage_Aftershot2.jpg

Cotswold Meadows succeeded beyond our expectations. The quality of their work is impeccable: the retaining walls, steps and paved areas look as though they were created for a high-end hotel, not a small country cottage. Cotswold Meadows took change orders in stride, and consistently provided creative solutions to unexpected problems, from re-routing shallow Victorian-era wastewater pipes to creating bespoke veg beds that were never part of the plan. There is nothing that Cotswold Meadows did that, a year on, we would go back and change.

Dovecot Cottage_Before shot1.jpg
Dovecot Cottage_Aftershot1.jpg

And not least, the Cotswold Meadows crew were a pleasure to work with. They worked hard not only to do the job right, but to mitigate the inevitable inconvenience and intrusiveness that a prolonged project entails. They were always responsive, always showed up and worked hard when they were supposed to, and always were considerate of us and our neighbours. We are delighted with the end result, and Cotswold Meadows are our first and only choice for future projects.

Dovecot Cottage_Before shot3.jpg
Dovecot Cottage_Aftershot3.jpg
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